This is an app that can synchronize SMS between multiple devices.

Cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS – app that enable the user to sync SMS across multiple devices (such as between phone and Desktop).

Main Features
1. Transfer SMS to PC or Phone
2. Support for creating conditions to forward SMS by keyword or incoming number.
3. Support for the history of trasferred SMS.

Detailed description of SMS forwarding function
-The ability to designate rules for SMS to be delivered to other phones.
-The ability to select which SIM to send SMS to when using Dual SIM.
-The ability to deliver SMS only at the desired time.

Requested permissions
It is necessary in order to be able to know if an SMS or MMS has been received.
It is necessary to check the SMS information (incoming number, content, and time).
It is necessary to send SMS to other devices in the background.

– This app requires permission to read or send SMS.
– This app does not save SMS or contacts on the server.
– When you delete the app, all data is deleted.