Google Chat(RCS) messages are not forwarded.

In the latest version of Android OS, Chat function has been added in Google Messages, and sometimes RCS messages are received instead of SMS.


To solve this, choose one of the two methods below.

1. Turn off the RCS Chat feature.

2. Use notification forwarding filter.


1. Turn off the RCS Chat feature.

If you turn off the RCS function, messages come in the old text (SMS) method.

I recommend that you turn it off, if you are not using RCS messages 

And, you can use the existing SMS filter as it is.


Launch the Messages app and go in the order of the screenshots.


Please turn off the RCS Chat feature.




2. Use notification forwarding filter.

1) Look at “Incoming Messages” in the left menu of the app to see what format notifications are registered for.
(The format of each app that registers the notification is different, so it is convenient to check the format in advance and set it up.)


2) Add filters based on the format you saw earlier.

a. Select “Notification” when adding a filter.


b. In the notification condition item, set according to the format checked earlier.
(In our example, we selected “Message Content” between “Content” and “Message Content”. Please select according to the notification format.)


c. Please enter notification delivery conditions.